Scheme for Multiple Fund Requirements for Small Scale Industry Entrepreneurs

Scheme for Multiple Fund Requirements

Capital – a critical resource for every Small Scale Industry business is broadly categorised in two forms. The short-term capital is utilised for daily expenditures, while the long-term is utilised for assets and investments. SSI Businesses, most often, require loans to meet these capital needs; but as the nature of these loans is quite different, they are usually sourced from different institutions. With the Single Window Scheme, all these facilities are available in one place.


The Single Window Scheme helps an SSI promoter avail both; a term loan for fixed assets, and working capital loan through the same agency. An important point to note here is that the loan limit under this scheme cannot exceed ₹.


How can an SSI unit benefit from this scheme?

An SSI Unit can benefit from this scheme in the following ways:

  • Procurement of factory land and construction of building spaces.
  • Procurement of machinery like lab equipment, testing equipment, etc.
  • Meeting capital requirements like raw materials, stock-in-progress, finished goods
  • Additional assistance for meeting the urgent needs of raw material.


What is the eligibility criteria for this scheme?

An SSI Unit is eligible for this schemes if it falls in the following categories:

  • Entrepreneurs setting up new projects in SSI / Tiny sector
  • New promoters acquiring unencumbered fixed assets of existing SSI concerns from PLIs
  • Existing well-run units undertaking modernisation / technology upgradation
  • Potentially viable sick units undertaking rehabilitation scheme


How can an SSI Unit apply for this scheme?

An SSI Unit can apply for this scheme by visiting the banks and financial institutions listed below:

  • State Financial Corporations (SFCs)
  • Twin function IDCs
  • Scheduled commercial banks
  • Eligible state co-operative banks
  • Scheduled urban co-operative banks

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