Expand your Business Reach by becoming a supplier to the Government with NSIC

Every manufacturer aspires to expand its horizons and explore new markets to upscale its business. To attain such opportunities, these manufacturing units have to be verified suppliers to the government. This is where the NSIC Registration scheme comes into the picture.


The NSIC registration scheme enables manufacturing units to become suppliers to the government and avail exclusive benefits for their upliftment.


How can a manufacturing unit benefit from this scheme?

A manufacturing unit can benefit from this scheme in the following ways:

  • Your business can issue tender papers free of cost
  • No Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) would be required to be paid
  • Even if your bid is not the lowest and you lose the tender, your business can supply up to 20% of the requirement at the lowest quote
  • Out of this 20% procurement from MSEs, 4% is from units owned by SC /ST class
  • Moreover, 358 items are for exclusive purchase from SSI Sector


How can a manufacturing unit apply for this scheme?

A Manufacturing unit can apply online or offline in the following ways:

  • For online application, click here
  • To check the registration fee, click here
  • For offline application, click here
  • For NSIC rating call: 1800-103-3453

Note: The form should be filled and submitted at the nearest Zonal or Branch office of NSIC.

Eligibility Criteria

What is the eligibility criteria for this scheme?

Businesses having an RC or a UAM are eligible to register for the NSIC Scheme

Documents Required

What are the documents required to apply for this scheme?

The following list of documents will be required at the time of application:

  1. Copy of Acknowledgement of Entrepreneurs Memorandum Part-II
  2. Details of Plant & Machinery and Raw Materials of the unit showing purchase date and original purchase value of every machine in Format “B” of application form
  3. Performance Statement as per format/Performa “G” of the application form
  4. Self-attested copy of ownership documents of the premises or copy of lease deed
  5. Declaration/Certificate from the Proprietor/Partner/Director even if they are not linked with large scale unit(s). In case of their links with large scale unit(s), complete details should be specified
  6. Two copies of each of the Declarations duly signed by the authorized person of the applicant SSI Unit accepting conditions of registration (Format “D” & “E” of application form)
  7. List of raw materials and finished goods in stock
  8. Copy of ISO 9000 (Optional)
  9. Copy of Registration Certificate if registered with DGS & D or other Govt. organizations
  10. List of places where after-sales service facilities (if applicable) are available
  11. Copy of BIS license, if applicable
  12. List of technical personnel employed in production and services
  13. Item for which registration required with detailed specification(s)
  14. Write-up on quality control measures adopted by the firm for ensuring quality of raw material, bought out item (s) for assembly and sub-assembly and for products/stores in process and the finished products quality control
  15. List of quality control equipment and testing facility available in factory
  16. Copy of type test report from Independent lab, where applicable as mentioned in relevant standard
  17. Latest Electricity Bill Copy
  18. Audited Balance Sheet, Trading Account and Profit & Loss
  19. Account for the last 3 years duly signed by the authorized person under his seal
  20. Statement showing the Results of Operation for the last 3 years duly signed by Chartered Accountant under his seal {in prescribed format of Annexure “C” of application form (Manufacturing or service enterprises as applicable)}
  21. Bankers’ Report giving details of financial status of the applicant firm as per Performa “F” of application form
  22. Copy of Permanent Account No. (PAN)

Partnership firms are required to submit additional documents which are as follows:

  • General Power of Attorney in favor of one of the Partners
  • Partnership Deed
  • Form ’A’ from Registrar of Firms showing the names of the partners

Private Limited Companies should submit the following additional documents:

  • Certificate of Incorporation duly authenticated
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association duly authenticated
  • Names of sitting Directors, their addresses and their share holdings
  • Board Resolution in favor of the Signatory of the application and documents

Co-operative societies should submit the following additional documents:

  • Certificate of Registration of Societies
  • Society’s By-Laws/Regulations etc.
  • Names of Members, their addresses and share holding
  • Current Certificate from Registrar of Societies that the Society is still functioning and its working is satisfactory
  • Details of authorized share capital and subscribed share Capital
  • Details of movable as well as immovable property owned by the Society
  • Resolution of Society for seeking registration under Government Purchase Program
  • Resolution in favor of Signatory of the application & documents

 Important note

In case your manufacturing unit has not completed one operational year, you can apply for a provisional certificate which is valid for one year. Furthermore, the registration is also valid for one year only after which it needs renewal.

For further details on this scheme, click here.