Group Personal Accident Insurance Scheme for Coir Workers

The Coir industry has seen a rapid upswing in India with an increasing number of SMEs setting up Coir factories. But this sector does not offer its workers sufficient security in case of accidents. This is where the government’s Group Personal Accident Insurance Scheme for Coir Workers comes into the picture.


The Group Personal Accident Insurance Scheme for Coir workers provides financial compensation to all the coir workers against accident, accidental death, permanent/temporary total disability and permanent partial disability. The entire insurance premium is paid by the Coir Board to the insurance company which can be selected by calling for quotations. Most importantly, Coir workers are not required to pay any premium for the same. 


How does an SME benefit from this scheme?

SME’s can benefit from this scheme in the following ways:

Compensations payable under the scheme are given below:

  • Accident death: ₹50,000
  • Permanent total disability: ₹50,000
  • Permanent partial disability: ₹25,000
  • Provision for finger cut: Depending upon the finger and limited to applicable percentages of capital sum insured

Eligibility Criteria:

What is the eligibility criteria for this scheme?

The eligibility criteria for this scheme is as follows:

  • The cover provided is only for accidental death and disability
  • This policy shall provide financial compensation to the disabled coir worker or nominee of the disabled or deceased coir worker
  • The accident is defined as death or disability caused by any external violent and visible means. Drowning, snake bite, automobile accident, poisoning, falling from a tree, lightning, murder etc. are some of the accidents that come under the purview of the policy


How can an SME apply for this scheme?

An SME can apply for this scheme by filling the form here.

Documents required:

Which are the documents required for this scheme?

The documents required for this scheme are as follows:

  • Death Certificate (in case of accidental death)
  • Police Report / FIR (wherever available)
  • Post Mortem Report (wherever available)
  • Identification proofs of beneficiary, certificate issued by the Coir Society/Unit/Establishment/ Nominated Officer of Coir Board
  • Recognized photo ID proof of beneficiary and nominee
  • Disability Certificate from a registered Medical Practitioner (in case of disability)

For further information with respect to documents required, workers can drop their queries to the coir board at and

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