Reclaim your Money with the Bills Rediscounting Scheme

Almost every business enterprise has a stack of outstanding bills that the buyer is yet to honor. Needless to say, the MSME may need the finances for various purposes urgently. This is where the Bills Rediscounting scheme comes in.


The Bills Rediscounting Scheme by the government enables MSMEs to receive money against their outstanding bills by approaching any of the scheduled commercial banks and getting it discounted. `This enables an MSME to sell the bill to the bank. For instance, if an applicant has a bill for ₹10,000, the bank will collect it instead, and will pay the applicant back an amount slightly less than ₹10,000.


How does an MSME benefit from this scheme?

The MSME is paid back up to 100% of the amount on the bill. 

Eligibility Criteria

What is the eligibility criteria for this scheme?

The criteria for an applicant to be eligible for this scheme is as follows:

  • The bill to be rediscounted by the applicant must not be older than 90 days 


How can an MSME apply for this scheme?

To apply for this scheme and get the bills discounted, an MSME can approach any of the banks listed here.

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